Hi my name is Akram Almulad, founder of Java Lounge, welcome to my story.

I was born in Birmingham (UK) to parents who are of Yemeni origin.

Growing up in a family where coffee is a way of life, naturally I became a coffee enthusiast.

During my college and University years, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel across Europe and the Middle East. This is where I first fell in love with coffee culture. On returning to the UK I was saddened to have left that behind. All that was available by way of alternatives, in my opinion, did not capture the essence of coffee culture.

So in 2004 I set on a quest to discover how to deliver high quality coffee while encapsulating true coffee culture. My journey took me back to my roots; Yemen.

Apart from being the birthplace to my parents, Yemen is where the earliest substantiated evidence of either coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree appears in the middle of the 15th Century.

In Yemen I discovered how coffee was grown and the different processes involved in producing the green coffee bean. I also observed how coffee was consumed in traditional coffee houses.

On my return from that experience I felt enriched in coffee tradition. I continued my education in coffee, learning all about the different types of coffee and roast processes. I also teamed up with top barista’s who helped me develop my barista skill set.

All that was left now was to find a location suitable for the coffee house.

In 2005, with a small budget I had raised through part-time work, I finally found that location: Alcester road, Moseley Village, Birmingham, UK. This is where Java Lounge was born.”

At Java Lounge, we are passionate about coffee. This stems from our rich heritage coming from our country of origin, Yemen. Widely accepted as the birthplace of the first coffee plant purposely grown for consumption, Yemen was one of the first hubs of coffee culture, attracting philosophers, writers, artists, architects and poets to form a social and creative center of knowledge. Java Lounge aspires to encapsulate the essence of this tradition.

Established in 2005, our flagship store based in the heart of Moseley (Birmingham, UK) combines the culture and heritage of old with modern technologies to deliver high quality products with a service to match.

We have a real personal passion for coffee as coffee lovers ourselves. Our continued education in coffee keeps us learning and developing allowing us to keep an open mind with a vision of continually improving.

Our Barista’s are put through an extensive training program to ensure they have the knowledge and know-how to deliver a high quality cup of coffee. We are committed to creating a community of coffee lovers by delivering to you your perfect coffee moment every time. Come in and join the Java Lounge coffee community and experience it for yourself!